Customer Service Outsourcing [5 Benefits For You]

Customer Service Outsourcing

As the old adage goes: “you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs”. Much as you want to scale and grow your business without the added costs, it’s simply impossible.

Sure, your in-house team might be able to hold down the fort for a while, but customer demand is ever-insatiable. You won’t afford the resources to recruit, onboard, and train new staff.

But at the same time, you can’t stay stagnant and leave a bunch of unsatisfied customers in your wake. Feeling in a bit of a pickle? This is where customer service outsourcing may be of help.

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What Is Customer Service Outsourcing?

Customer Service Outsourcing 

Customer service outsourcing simply refers to the practice of hiring a third-party agency to handle all your business’s customer service functions. Instead of your own people handling inbound calls and responding to customer requests and concerns, outsourcing leaves all these responsibilities in the hands of capable agents.

There are an array of customer support services you could delegate or subcontract. These can range from live chat, email support outsourcing, phone, or even self-service. Large organizations are known to outsource such services because of the cost benefits it brings while ensuring quality control through comprehensive training. Read on to learn more about its advantages.

What Are The Benefits Of Customer Service Outsourcing?

1. Better Flexibility

Businesses should be flexible enough to field customer concerns and inquiries 24/7. This is one of the added benefits of outsourcing your customer support services. With greater flexibility, you don’t have to worry about unaddressed concerns. You’ll also end up with fewer irate customers who’ve had to wait the next day before anyone from your staff reaches out to them. Having after-hours support even sets you apart from the rest of the competition. This is often done for live chat outsourcing whereby customers can be from different timezones.

The majority of your outsourced customer service staff will also likely be working remotely. You won’t have to invest in new architecture and peripherals just for them to get the job done.

2. Access To Highly Skilled Talents

A common misconception with outsourcing customer support is that the quality isn’t always up to par. This isn’t necessarily the case.

Outsourced staff have undergone proper training and coaching to continually improve the kind of service they provide.

This varies from company to company, but agents will usually be taught conflict resolution, interpersonal skills, product/service knowledge, and the like. The result is genuine customer service interactions that will have you thinking these agents were homegrown if you didn’t know any better.

3. Cost-Efficient

Most outsourced customer support agents come from countries where labour and product costs are significantly lower but have a high rate of English literacy. A good example is the Asia-Pacific, where a great deal of the continent provides customer support to European and North American nations.

Additionally, since the agency is handling all the resources to train the outsourced staff, you no longer have to factor in other expenses such as equipment, infrastructure, and payroll. Instead, you can focus your cost savings on revenue-generating activities in your company.

4. Focus On Core Business Aspects

Less time recruiting and training staff, and more time focusing on the stuff that matters, allows you to generate more revenue — simple math. With outsourcing, you can better attend to functions like logistics, sales, research and development, QA, and many more.

Having a dedicated staff for customer support also makes your team more productive. Not only will you lessen redundancies, but they also won’t have to be sidetracked with responsibilities outside their roles.

5. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Especially when you hire a company renowned for top-notch customer services, you’ll see an improvement in customer satisfaction throughout the board. Better customer satisfaction means more profit and fewer instances of negative feedback.

When customers are satisfied with the support they’re getting, they’re more likely to spread good deeds about your company. Passive word-of-mouth marketing puts you at an advantage, as it can increase your customer base, retain loyal customers, and help you achieve your KPIs.

Conclusion About Customer Service Outsourcing

Is your business starting to grow? Is your in-house team unable to handle the influx of customer concerns they receive on a daily basis? It may be high time you consider standout customer service outsourcing.

Get rid of all the headaches and customer pitfalls — outsourcing puts your business at an advantage over the rest. Having professional and highly-trained staff doing all the legwork for you is key to generating favorable business outcomes.

Gear Inc. is the leading BPO service provider, focusing on client care, success, and excellent after-sales. To kickstart your journey on how to outsource customer service, we have written a guide here. Alternatively, you may contact us now and learn how we can make a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outsourced Customer Service

Should I Outsource Domestically Or Globally?

It depends. Outsourcing your customer service domestically gives you a language advantage since you’ll be working with individuals who speak the native tongue. The time difference also won’t be a problem. However, the cost-benefit isn’t as great compared to global outsourcing. On the other hand, outsourced customer services can offer you significantly reduced costs. The language barrier and time difference also won’t be a problem, as agents are trained to understand other cultures’ nuances. Business hours will also be adjusted according to the clients’ time zones.

How Do I Outsource Customer Service?

When hiring a third-party customer service provider, research is a must. Choose a reputable partner with a great track record with its past and current clients. You also have to be clear and precise about your objectives and expectations. What kind of customer service are you looking for? What are your KPIs? How often will you need status reports or evaluations? These are some of the most important questions to ask yourself before choosing an agency.

What Is The Cost Of Outsourcing?

The price of your outsourced customer services will depend on the model that your partner offers. Some agencies may charge hourly and prices may vary according to the type of service you require. Need a breakdown of the costs? Our channels at Gear Inc. are available 24/7 for all your inquiries. We can provide you with a business-tailored quotation to help set your outsourcing budget. Contact us now!

Where Should I Outsource?

If you choose to outsource internationally, you can choose from countries that have a high level of English literacy, but with low labor costs. Countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, and India are excellent choices overall for general customer service outsourcing.

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