Guide To Call Center Outsourcing

As your organization scales, so does your need for dedicated manpower to handle customer support requests. You want a team that can help you meet long-term business goals, but you certainly don’t want expenses to skyrocket.

Fiscal responsibility is a must, but how can you reconcile that with current business requirements? The answer lies in finding call center outsource, customer support services, efficiently and comprehensively.

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1. What Is Call Center Outsourcing?

Call centre outsourcing involves subcontracting all your business’ call centre services to a third-party company. Compared to an in-house customer support staff, outsourcing is an inexpensive way of addressing common client/customer concerns and inquiries.

2. The Different Types of Outsourced Call Center Services

The term “customer support” refers to a range of services offered by a dedicated customer service provider. Call center services can be classified into different types, namely inbound, outbound, and automated. Below, we’ll look at each type and how they differ from one another.

Inbound Call Center Service

The job of an inbound customer support agent is to handle customer concerns and complaints. In this type of arrangement, “inbound” simply means that the agent is contacted by the customer and not the opposite.

For example, a customer may phone a bank to complain about overcharging or a cheque that has bounced. It’s the responsibility of the answering agent to address the problem and find a working solution to the customer’s satisfaction.

Inbound call center agents will typically receive upwards of 1,000 requests over 24 hours. These could vary from phone calls, email replies, help desk services, or chat support.

Outbound Call Center Service

Outbound customer calls are more customer-oriented. Instead of the customer contacting the agent, it’s the other way around. Outbound call centers will typically have a list of existing customers and will ring them up to make a potential sale or present them with an opportunity.

Most call centers today combine outbound and inbound customer service. Going back to the example above: after the agent has fixed the cheque problem, before ending the call, they might offer the customer to apply for a credit card promising lucrative points and rewards.

Basically, outbound customer service is all about selling your business’s products or services (seasonal or not) over the phone.

Automated Call Center Service

The big difference between automated customer support services and the first two types is the lack of human interaction. This is a great option for organizations looking to automate most of their processes, as the service cuts down call times in half by resolving problems much faster.

Chatbots and automated phone responses are two of the most common types. A customer will be prompted with options and will choose the interaction that fits closely to their issue. Instead of having to wait several minutes or even hours before an agent is available, automated interactions are a hassle-free way of allowing the customer to find a resolution on their own. However, every customer wants to feel like their question is valued and that it will be resolved as soon as possible.

Automate tools have historically done the opposite, due to a combination of poor customer-focused planning and immature technology.

At Gear Inc, we want our customers to appreciate the human touch through our services. We do not simply just automate tasks based on your business requirements.

3. Benefits Of Call Center Outsource

Outsourcing call center services isn’t a thing of the past — in fact, the largest conglomerates in the industry have been outsourcing for well over decades now. It’s a cost-efficient way of achieving high customer satisfaction rates, meeting long-term business objectives, and saving costs.

  • Better Customer Satisfaction – Get better customer satisfaction rates from call center agents trained to understand your business’ products and services.
  • Meet Long-Term Business Goals – Because a dedicated call center staff is working on your behalf, your team will have more time to pay attention to core functions in order to meet immediate and future goals.
  • Save on Costs – You will have to pay a partnership fee with a call center service provider, but the initial costs are nothing compared to the savings. Your business no longer has to shell out money, time, and resources in training, recruiting, and financing a team of agents.

Key Takeaways On Call Centre Outsource

As an upscaling organization, managing customer developments and cutting costs is a dilemma you will face as a business owner. How do you prioritize your customers without sacrificing profit in the process? It’s all about finding the right call center to outsource critical customer support services.

Partner now with the leading BPO service provider — Gear Inc! From telemarketing, technical, live-chat, to in-app support and many more, our services are geared towards building client trust through quality and transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Call Center Outsourcing

What Is A Call Center Agent?

A call center agent is the person responsible for handling inbound/outbound calls for a client.

They may handle various types of concerns, anywhere from customer complaints, technical issues, and service upgrade requests.

What Call Center Services Does Gear Inc Offer?

Gear Inc offers the following call center/customer care services:

  • Multilingual Live Phone Support
  • In-App & Ticket Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Video Chat Customer Support
  • Email Support Outsourcing
  • Social Media Customer Support
  • Technical Customer Support
  • Retail/E-Commerce Customer Support

What Industries Need To Outsource Call Center Services?

Although big organizations are known for outsourcing customer support, SMEs, travel and tourism, pharmaceuticals, automotive manufacturing, insurance agencies, and the like, will benefit from outsourcing.

Specialized services such as data entry, IT support, content moderation, or QA testing are all crucial for these industries to serve their clients and customers.

How To Hire The Right Call Center Agency?

Finding the right outsourcing service provider is key for successful results. Businesses should be clear about their objectives, communicate, and conduct periodic status reports to see if the partnership is a good fit.

Gear Inc aims to foster dynamic relationships among all our clients. We are highly receptive to feedback and we value the importance of constant and proactive communication on both ends. We do this in order to manage client expectations and resolve escalations as quickly as possible.

Do I Really Need All These Call Center Services?

No. You can choose specific types of services to outsource so that you don’t go over budget. At Gear Inc, you can contact us so we can have a discussion about your project requirements and so we can tailor-fit our services to your needs.

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