Customer Service Outsourcing Companies: Your Complete Guide With Best Practices

Outsourcing Customer Service.

In today’s competitive market, customer service  can enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction. It’s part of a brand’s promise and a critical component of business success.

This understanding is at the core of customer service outsourcing companies, which specialize in transforming this essential service into a strategic advantage.

But how can you do it in the best way possible?

This guide will explore the advantages, challenges, and best practices of outsourcing customer service.

By the end, you’ll have everything you need to help you choose the best customer service outsourcing partner for your goals.

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What Is Customer Service Outsourcing?

Customer service outsourcing involves entrusting customer service operations to an expert third-party provider. This approach includes managing diverse customer interactions through call centers, live chat, and technical support.
It’s a fast-growing strategy for companies that want their in-house team to focus on core activities and competencies.
It’s an approach that helps customer service outsourcing companies stay lean while delivering responsive solutions to customers’ evolving needs via Call Center, managing Live Chats, and Email Support.
But it’s not just about offloading tasks.
Outsourcing to a quality customer support team can provide innovative solutions and expertise that scale alongside your business. Together, these can help a company’s customer relationship management, operational costs, and overall agility.
This can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty as outsourced teams are often equipped to handle various customer inquiries efficiently and effectively.
In industries where efficient and excellent support is essential, customer service outsourcing companies can play a crucial role in achieving a competitive edge.


Why Do Companies Outsource Their Customer Service?

Outsourcing customer service is no longer just an operational decision—it’s a strategic move that forward-thinking companies across the globe are making.
Here’s why embracing this approach could be the game-changer your business needs:

Cost Savings

Customer service outsourcing companies offer significant cost effectiveness compared to maintaining an in-house team. This approach reduces operational expenses without compromising on service quality.

This cost-saving isn’t at the expense of quality, though. Instead, it allows companies to access specialized customer support agents and infrastructure at a lower cost.

Core Business Activities

core business activities.

Outsourcing customer service is a strategic move for businesses focusing on core functions that directly contribute to growth.

By delegating customer support to specialized outsourcing companies, organizations can concentrate their internal resources on key business areas, especially in dynamic sectors like eCommerce or gaming.

New Skills and Capabilities

Rapid technological and regulatory changes need new business and operating model shifts. As a result, businesses increasingly value access to new skills and capabilities in their customer service outsourcing partners.

In 2020, Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey found that 70% of business owners and operators considered cost savings as the primary driver of outsourcing.

Deloitte’s 2022 survey highlights that businesses are seeking balance. They’re looking for business process outsourcers that are not only cost-effective but also bring in fresh expertise and innovation.

This is where customer service companies are crucial in offering agile and integrated solutions.

Gear Inc.’s wide range of contact center services aligns well with these outsourcing trends.

Solutions like Call Center Outsourcing and Live Chat Support help address the need for cost-effective, efficient customer service, while Technical Support, In-app, Ticket, and Email Support provide specialized assistance and capabilities.

These services help partner businesses deliver comprehensive support without developing these capabilities with in-house employees.

4 Types Of Customer Service Outsourcing Companies


Customer service outsourcing comes in various forms, with each type having its unique features and benefits, and understanding these differences is key to choosing the right service.

Understanding these differences is crucial for choosing the right customer service outsourcing company to enhance your customer support strategy effectively. 

1. Multi-channel And Omnichannel

Multi-channel and Omnichannel are two common customer service outsourcing companies that cater to varied customer preferences.

Multi-channel covers separate, distinct communication methods, allowing customers to choose their preferred method of contact, whether it be phone, email, or live chat.

On the other hand, Omnichannel service offers a seamless experience across all platforms and devices. By integrating all communication channels, Omnichannel ensures that customer interactions are consistent and unified, regardless of how or where a customer reaches out.

The choice depends on how integrated you want your customer interactions to be. Top customer service outsourcing companies often specialize in one or both approaches, leveraging them to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

2. Onshore, Nearshore, And Offshore Outsourcing

Onshore, nearshore, and offshore outsourcing provide geographical and budgetary flexibility.

Onshore means services are located in the same country as your business, facilitating ease of communication and cultural alignment.

Nearshore means outsourcing services to nearby countries, optimizing both communication and cost.

Offshore, meanwhile, targets services from distant countries, often providing the most cost-effective solutions.

Each model offers distinct advantages: onshore for seamless integration, nearshore for balanced efficiency, and offshore for significant cost savings, making them popular choices among customer service outsourcing companies.

3. Shared Vs. Dedicated Support

shared vs dedicated support.

In customer service outsourcing, shared and dedicated support structures cater to different business needs.

Shared agents handle queries from multiple companies and thus are usually more budget-friendly.

Dedicated agents work for one company, offering specialized services with a dedicated team.

“Pay-per-ticket” customer support is also another emerging model.

Companies pay only for the number of tickets or queries handled, which can be great for businesses with fluctuating query volumes, aligning costs with actual service usage.

4. Gear Inc’s Tailor-Made Solutions

Choosing the right outsourcing model is crucial.

Luckily, Gear Inc. distinguishes itself among customer service outsourcing companies by offering highly flexible solutions tailored to specific client requirements:

  • Our Call Center Outsourcing, Live Chat, and Email Support offer a proven multi-channel approach. We can also provide a workforce who can be trained for omnichannel capabilities where the client’s technology is applicable.
  • We can offer onshore, nearshore, and offshore outsourcing options to align with your company’s location preferences.
  • Our shared and/or dedicated agents can provide Technical Support, In-app and Ticket Support, and Email Support.

In short, we ensure you find the best fit for your company’s unique requirements. It’s this flexibility that allows us to match our services to your budget, time zone preferences, and language needs.

Pros And Cons Of Outsourcing Customer Service


Outsourcing customer service has several advantages and disadvantages that you’ll want to consider.

Let’s first explore its advantages.

Pros Of Partnering With Customer Support Outsourcing Companies

  1. Cost Savings: As mentioned before, one of the most significant benefits is the potential for cost reduction.
    • By partnering with top customer service outsourcing companies, businesses eliminate the need for extensive in-house customer service operations, infrastructure, staffing, and salaries.
  2. Reduced Workload: Allows businesses to offload the labor-intensive heavy lifting of customer service.
    • Again, this helps internal teams focus on core business activities, boosting overall productivity.
  3. 24/7 Support: Engaging customer support outsourcing companies enables businesses to provide uninterrupted service across different time zones.
    • This round-the-clock support is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and a competitive edge in the global market, ensuring queries are addressed with reliable service, even on weekends or holidays.
  4. Access to Specialized Teams: Outsourcing allows businesses to tap into pools of specialized customer service professionals with specialized skills and experience.
    • These teams stay up-to-date on client industries’ latest trends and technologies to handle a range of customer queries effectively.

Challenges Of Outsourcing Customer Service And Customer Support

  1. Limited Product Knowledge: External customer service teams may lack in-depth knowledge of the company’s products or services, which can affect service quality.
  2. Data Security Concerns: Sharing sensitive customer data with third-party service providers raises security and privacy concerns, necessitating stringent data protection measures to safeguard customer information and maintain trust.
  3. Cultural Barriers: Differences in language and culture can sometimes lead to misunderstandings or a disconnect in customer service.


How Gear Inc. Tackles These Customer Support Outsourcing Challenges

At Gear Inc, we turn challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

Here’s how we address common hurdles in customer service outsourcing.

Comprehensive Training

At Gear Inc, we understand that deep product knowledge is essential for providing exceptional customer service. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to equip our agents with extensive knowledge about each client’s products and services.

This ensures that every customer interaction is handled with expertise, promoting higher satisfaction rates.

Stringent Data Security

We take data security very seriously. Our robust data protection measures keep customer information secure and maintain compliance with data privacy regulations.

We use advanced security measures to protect customer information, conduct regular audits, and comply with data protection laws as part of our protocol. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of security, ensuring that our clients can trust us with their most sensitive information.

Managing Cultural Barriers

Poor customer service isn’t an option. We offer onshore and nearshore outsourcing solutions to countries worldwide to avoid potential cultural and language barriers.

By doing so, we ensure that our customer service teams can resonate well with your customer base, regardless of their location.

This strategy enhances the customer experience by providing service that is both culturally and linguistically aligned with your customers’ expectations.

Check Out What Our Clients Say About Our Customer Support Outsourcing

Best Practices For Outsourcing Customer Service


When you decide to outsource your customer support operations, embracing these strategic practices can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the services received:

Setting Clear Goals

Define what you want to achieve with outsourcing. It could be anything from improving response times to improving customer satisfaction scores, or increasing operational efficiency, setting specific goals helps ensure that the outsourcing initiative aligns with your business priorities.

This clarity assists customer service outsourcing companies in customizing their services to meet your exact needs.

Choosing The Right Partner

The success of your outsourcing largely depends on partnering with the right service provider. Look for the top customer service outsourcing companies with a solid reputation, proven track record, and the ability to deeply understand and meet your needs.

A reliable partner should demonstrate robust capability in delivering quality service that aligns with your company’s expectations and values.

Investing In Training

To maintain consistency in service quality, ensure that the outsourced team receives adequate documents and training to understand your products, services, and overall company culture.

This investment in training equips them to represent your brand effectively and handle customer inquiries with the same care and insight as your in-house team.

Focusing On Quality Control

Regular monitoring of the outsourced services to ensure they meet your standards and expectations.

Implementing stringent quality control measures also helps in maintaining the integrity of your customer service operations and in identifying areas for improvement.

Monitoring Performance

Keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the effectiveness of the outsourced services. Monitoring these metrics will help you assess the impact of the outsourced services on your overall customer service strategy and make data-driven decisions.

Aligning With Company Needs

Every company is unique, and so are its outsourcing needs. And best practices require customer service outsourcing companies to tailor strategies to specific business objectives. This customization ensures that the outsourced service complements your business model and contributes effectively to your goals.

How Gear Inc. Puts These Into Practice

At Gear Inc., we don’t just offer services; we integrate these best practices into our approach.

  • We start by understanding your specific goals to tailor our services accordingly.
  • Our selection process ensures we match suitable agents to clients, aligning business ethos and objectives.
  • Training is a continuous process at Gear Inc, ensuring our teams are always up-to-date with your products and services.
  • We maintain high-quality control standards with regular monitoring and feedback mechanisms.
  • Performance monitoring is integral to our service, ensuring we consistently meet and exceed your expectations.

Measuring The Success Of Outsourced Customer Service

Effective measurement of outsourced customer support is crucial to align with a company’s objectives and ensure high-quality service delivery.Analytics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide actionable insights and help make informed decisions about the level of service.Key metrics to track the effectiveness of customer support outsourcing include:
  1. Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT): Reflect how satisfied customers are with the service they receive.
  2. First Response Time: Measures how quickly customer service representatives respond to customer inquiries.
  3. Resolution Rate: Indicates the percentage of customer issues resolved efficiently.
  4. Net Promoter Score (NPS): Gauges customer loyalty, customer retention rates, and the likelihood of recommending your services.
  5. Average Handle Time (AHT): Measures the average duration of a customer interaction.
At Gear Inc, we understand that each business has unique needs. Therefore, we tailor our approach to performance tracking to each client, ensuring that our methods are perfectly aligned with your strategic objectives.

By partnering with customer service outsourcing companies like Gear Inc., businesses can expect not just to outsource services but to help maximize the effectiveness of your outsourced customer service.


Case Study: Scaling A Global E-Learning Platform’s Customer Support


Challenge: A hugely popular eLearning platform experienced a rapid increase in online course enrollments in 2014, requiring them to scale customer support and QA software testing teams fast.

Solution: Gear Inc. quickly assembled a 24/7 team, customized customer service software, and implemented targeted training. Our specialists closely monitored trends and performance, ensuring swift and efficient customer service.

Results: This collaboration significantly improved the platform’s response times and support team scalability. And enhanced review processes and detecting platform bugs contributed to a better customer experience.

Consequently, the student numbers for the eLearning platform soared from 2 million to 57 million by 2022.

This result helps highlight this partnership’s success in facilitating growth and service excellence.

Global Coverage Of Our Customer Service Outsourcing Solutions

We rev up your customer support by offering dynamic customer service outsourcing across the globe.

When you outsource customer service through us, you’re plugging into an expansive network to keep your business in the fast lane.

Let’s shift your customer interactions into high gear—anywhere, anytime.


US, Canada & Brazil. Opening soon Peru, Uruguay


Italy, Poland, Turkey. Opening soon Spain, Morocco


Complete coverage throughout SEA, Japan, India. South Korea opening soon

Outsourcing Customer Service In Closing


In short, outsourcing customer service is a strategic move that can bring numerous benefits to a business:

  • Cost savings,
  • Increased efficiency,
  • Access to specialized skills,
  • Ability to provide 24/7 customer support.

A partner like Gear Inc offers all of this and more. We align with your business goals and have a proven track record of quickly adapting to partner needs to ensure seamless integration of services.

Ready to take your customer satisfaction to the next level?

Choose Gear Inc for a tailored, quality-driven approach.

Contact us at, and let’s get to work on your business’s growth and customer success.

Frequently Asked Questions About Customer Service Outsourcing

Businesses across all sectors, especially high-tech, financial services, and emerging markets, should consider outsourcing customer service to enhance efficiency and focus on core operations.

Outsourcing is ideal for companies experiencing rapid growth or seasonal spikes in customer inquiries, where managing volume internally can be challenging. It allows businesses to provide exceptional customer service without the overhead of an in-house team.

Customer service outsourcing companies maintain high-quality standards through rigorous training programs, regular performance audits, and adherence to strict service level agreements (SLAs).

They consistently implement continuous improvement processes to enhance service delivery and customer satisfaction. By employing advanced monitoring and reporting tools, these companies ensure their customer service agents meet and exceed the expected service quality.

Yes, outsourcing customer service can significantly reduce operational costs by eliminating the need for extensive in-house training, infrastructure, and staffing expenditures.

Companies benefit from the outsourcing model through scalability and flexibility, allowing them to adjust resources in response to changing demand without the financial burden of full-time staff. Outsourcing can also lead to cost savings in long-term investments in technology and employee benefits.

Customer service outsourcing companies prioritize data security by adhering to international standards to protect client data.

They implement robust cybersecurity measures, including encrypted communications, secure data storage, and regular security audits to prevent data breaches.

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