Outsourcing IT Department: 6 Reasons To Do It Now

Outsource IT tech support

Outsourcing IT department has become more common as technological systems become more complex and intertwined, you will need a fully-functional IT department to keep up. This department is responsible for identifying and addressing tech-related issues. Companies need to avoid downtimes to prevent losses in productivity. 

No one undermines the importance of having a dedicated IT department. However, the question is not whether it’s essential but how a business should manage IT. Should you consider outsourcing your IT department? Find out why this might work for your company below!

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Why Outsource Your IT Department?

Systems are becoming more and more complex. The height of COVID-19 in 2020 outlined the need for more dedicated IT teams to address solutions. But, businesses have had to cut down on costs. How can they still get affordable IT support without compromising reliability?

The answer lies in outsourcing. Outsourcing gets a lot more bad reputation than it should. Granted, outsourced staff still need to undergo training. However, everything pays off in the long run, especially for businesses hoping to scale up. Even Silicon Valley giants like Google and Skype are dependent on IT outsourcing. Your business has every reason to follow suit.

We often underestimate just how crucial an IT department is for an organisation. But, they do more than install new software or fix related problems. They’re much more critical to a company’s success than you may think.

With increasingly complex systems on the rise and new problems in IT and cybersecurity, IT outsourcing is increasingly becoming a popular choice.

Outsource IT tech support

6 Major Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Department

Your business’ IT department has wide-reaching effects that define organisational success. Most of your operations and administrative work depend on IT. Customer relationship management, inventory systems, and web hosting, for example, all rely on IT infrastructure. Having no staff to manage these IT problems for you could lead to severe issues.

However, by outsourcing your IT department, you reap several benefits. Let’s look into these advantages.

1. Lower Your IT Costs

Outsourcing your IT department is a cost-effective move. Contrary to popular belief, outsourcing services are much more affordable than in-house teams. Businesses don’t just outsource because of convenience. They do so because they understand the cost-benefit.

With IT outsourcing, your outsourcing partner already has the assets and capabilities. They already have the latest hardware, software, and staff training for the job. Your company will no longer have to invest resources in getting the latest hardware and securing software. Instead, you’ll simply be paying for your outsourcing partner’s services.

IT outsourcing enables you to anticipate monthly costs better. You’ll end up paying only the monthly rate quoted by your IT partner. They also have the infrastructure in place to compensate their staff. You won’t have to shoulder the cost of employee benefits, monthly compensations, etc.

2. 24/7 Support For Your Valuable Clients

You may have a small in-house IT staff in place. Your staff may be more knowledgeable about the company culture and other business-specific practices. However, they won’t be able to provide round-the-clock support and monitoring.

Alternatively, outsourcing your IT services to a trusted provider gives you comprehensive monitoring. The staff are trained to monitor your IT environment constantly. If you partner with an offshore service provider, you can guarantee responsive staff at any time of the day. They’ll be able to spot problems and take preventative measures before the problems escalate.

24/7 monitoring and diagnostics help your business avoid severe downtimes. Rather than waiting another day to report an outage, your IT company can address the situation immediately.

3. Focus On Your Core Operations

If much of your budget goes towards administrative expenses, it may be time to rethink it. What about your core operations? How do you provide more value to your organisation without compromising IT functions?

Instead of spending resources on in-house IT, focus on your core operations. For example, the money to hire and train IT staff could go elsewhere, like:

  • Providing more benefits for employees
  • Focusing on research and development (R&D)
  • Improving your services
  • Introducing new products that add customer value.

4. Scalability

Scalability is a business’s ability to adapt to challenges and maintain a stable income stream as it grows. With IT outsourcing, you have better flexibility compared to an in-house department. They can scale according to the demands of your business as you take on newer projects and more clients.

Under certain circumstances, you may also find your business scaling down. You don’t need to have a large staff. Instead, you could outsource a small team that can adjust to your current needs.

5. Better Customer Support

Your outsourcing service provider will implement a service level agreement (SLA). SLA is essentially a guarantee that your provider will be able to meet the level of service you expect of them. The SLA is crucial for any technology vendor contract. This is true for IT outsourcing companies that must be aware of the latest IT trends, hardware, and software.

With SLA, you’re bound to receive better customer service from your provider. They can manage your IT systems much smoother and more flexibly. IT staff are trained to meet tight deadlines and adjust to peak and seasonal demands. You’ll have better peace of mind knowing your IT processes are regularly maintained and supervised.

6. Improved Cybersecurity

Cyber security is critical in IT management. No, we don’t mean the standalone antivirus software to protect your company’s data. We mean network-wide security that can safeguard cloud files and isolate cyber threats.

Cyber security is an ever-changing landscape. With this knowledge, an organisation needs to invest more time and effort in cyber security staff training. This takes time and resources. Additionally, not all staff will be at the same learning pace.

You can instead rely on IT outsourcing needs from an experienced service provider. With their expertise, they’ll recommend the latest cyber security solutions. These solutions are built to keep all your business data safe.


Outsourcing an IT department can be a giant leap for your business. Any second thoughts you may have about taking this leap are valid. However, you can’t deny the advantages IT outsourcing can bring your business.

IT outsourcing offers numerous advantages, from better cost-efficiency to higher scalability. It has shaped the quality of products and services that businesses provide their customers.

Are you wondering if outsourcing is the right choice? Get in touch with our team at Gear Inc. We’d be happy to walk you through all our options and find the best fit for your business. Call us now or view our services for more information. We offer content moderation, data entry, and customer support

Frequently Asked Questions About Outsourcing Your IT Department

An outsourced IT department is when you hire an outside company to manage and supervise your IT requirements. They’re often referred to as Managed Service Providers or MSPs. They can provide network security, implement operating systems, and provide file backup solutions.

Companies should outsource when they need more time to focus on their core operations. Creating an in-house staff can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. This is where outsourcing may be the better option.

You can use IT outsourcing to your advantage, but make sure you find reliable service providers.

If you’re interested in IT outsourcing, you can contact us. Tell us your needs and we can tailor-fit a solution that works for your business.

IT companies ensure that operations are running smoothly. They maintain and assess hardware and secure data for their clients

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